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Company profile



        The company was established with registered capital 15 million RMB.Currently, over 130 employees are serving the company, including personnel of 4 licensed pharmacist, a number of pharmacy technicians, and over 100 staff  who hold technical secondary degree.

    The Sales revenue in 2008 was 200 million, with product s covering over ten-thousand kinds .GSP certificate was initially issued to the company in Dec 2003, and it was renewed in Dec 2008.

    Also, the company owns advanced facility such as a modern distributing center with size over 6000-square meter at Shenzhen Sungang Logistics park.  In addition, the company also has great strength in goods delivery by having a delivery crew with 10 more transportation vehicles, including two refrigerator cars.

    Thanks to all the above and the efforts put by our staff, the company has built up a strong system with knowledge, profession, and sales.

    Our mission: serving the customers 24/7.


Shenzhen China & Occident Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was established on May 1986, whose previous name was Shenzhen Shekou  Pharmaceutical Co. Now, the current name has been in use since its enterprise system reform in 20-Dec-2002. The company is a professional domestic import & export wholesale company. The scope of business ranges from Chinese traditional medicine、traditional Chinese medicine patent prescription、to health products tonic 、biological products and vaccine 、chemical material drugs and its preparation、antibiotic medicines used as raw materials and its preparation、psychotropic drugs of the second kind、medical device 、medical supplies and so on .

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